Please complete this form to apply for electric service. Service requests are processed during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm). If you have any questions regarding service, please feel free to contact our office (855) 277-8372.

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Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association has established its member fees and charges based on the reasonable and customary standard for our industry and local area.  Details here.

Membership Fee - $5.00 - required to establish a member account, regardless of the number of meters assigned to the account. Upon termination of service, the fee is applied to the final billing or if the account is paid in full, the fee is refundable. (Membership fees are not transferable from one person to another).

Security Deposit - $0—300.00 - Deposits are determined by credit scores and may be waived if a member has a good credit rating. Commercial deposits dependent on service size and may require a surety bond. The deposit earns yearly interest and shall be credited to account when service is terminated.

$100.00 - minimum deposit required if construction is necessary for new service to a mobile home.

Connection Fee - $45.00 - a non-refundable fee charged when connecting new service or transferring service to a different location in PRVEPA’s service area. This fee is also charged for installing a new security light.

When your account is officially created in our system, you will receive a new account information email which will include a total balance due on your new account, including deposit (if applicable).

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